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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dumping in bushland

During a recent discussion with some neighbours and local government, the subject of rubbish came up.  It seems that we're all tired of seeing people throwing rubbish out of car windows, especially cigarette butts on a hot dry summer's day.  What a fire hazard!  But there's something else that is just as irresponsible.

Here's something highly unpleasant that I occasionally see when I go bushwalking....

It's obviously rubbish from someone's backyard make-over; timber and corrugated iron that was probably a fence or a backyard shed.  A couple of bags of household rubbish (clothes, old tools, etc) were tossed to the right.  There's some broken plate glass in there too. It was all dumped on the side of a dirt track in bushland near Ellenbrook.  I have reported it and hope that it is cleaned up soon, but the authorities tell me that in some areas they have to do weekly cleanups to remove this kind of rubbish, and worse.  I have seen washing machines, televisions, computers, sacks of chicken carcasses, car parts, old medicines, newspapers, building materials, lawn clippings and furniture.

I don't understand why people do this.  Why do some people find it easier to load a huge pile of rubbish onto a 4WD to drive many kilometres and dump it in beautiful bushland?  (Rather than go to a tip, or even wait for one of our regular kerbside clean-up days, like other people?)  Why do some people treat our bushland (and our beaches, rivers, wetlands and other natural areas) with such disregard?  What is lacking in their education and sense of self that would make them  do such a thing?

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