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Monday, March 7, 2011

Thankyou, wonderful Clean Up Australia Day volunteers!

I would like to thank everyone who took part in our local Clean Up Australia Day events.  It was good to meet and work with you.  

It's great that people are willing to give a couple of hours to clean up local bushland and parks for the benefit of their community.  

Here's what we collected at Moulton Wetland Park on Sunday morning, 6th March 2011.  This big pile of rubbish took eight people about an hour and a half to collect.  The bushland is now looking clean and green, so much better for having many kilograms of drink cans, bottles, food containers, broken toys and clothing taken out.  What a fantastic effort!

The fruits of our labours waiting to go to the dump

But I wonder - where does all this rubbish come from, and why does it end up in our beautiful park?  And how can we prevent this social illness, instead of just treating the symptoms?  

I would love to see a day when Clean Up Australia is no longer necessary.  

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