Our Bushland Diary

Monday, April 13, 2009

Introducing the Ellenbrook Bushland Group

Our first formal meeting for the Ellenbrook Bushland Group was on 19 January 2009. A small group of us met to find out what our common interests were, what we should call ourselves, and what kinds of events or activities we would like to have. We decided that the Clean Up Australia Day campaign would be a good choice for a first event.

Janelle from City of Swan has been very helpful in giving us pointers - who to contact and how to go about organising various activities, as well as assistance with promotional material. (Thanks again, Janelle!)

It's exciting to see what's been accomplished by other "friends" groups, and imagine how these activities could be translated to Ellenbrook. We'd like the Ellenbrook Bushland Group to be more than just a bushcare group, though, as there are obvious opportunities to link in with other community groups for activities such as art, photography and community education.

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