Our Bushland Diary

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our friend the bush.........

Hello everyone, now that Linda has reached out into cyberspace to spread the message about the ELLENBROOK BUSHLAND GROUP its about time we all got excited about the amazing bushland surrounding Ellenbrook. We are lucky to live within the shadow of a city and still be able to see amazing wildlife at our doorstep. To hear birds sing and see native bushland that erupts into life every spring. To see trees that have been here for over 500 years and species of plants that have changed little from the time of the dinosaurs. This really is a special place.

To fully appreciate this wonderful resource you really need to get out and immerse yourself in it. Try stopping, crouching down and tune in to all your senses. The sites, sounds and smells of the bush are something to behold.

Stay tuned and prepare to be amazed as Linda guides you through all that is to know about the Ellenbrook bushland.

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  1. I will gladly be the guide for some of our adventures, and I will just as gladly step aside to let someone else share their knowledge. I'm certain that everyone has some specialty from which we can all benefit.